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HI, I’m Teresa Tebib, Owner and Photographer at TAG Studios. I have a Beautiful Family that includes: My Guy,Three Gorgeous Smart Daughters, Their Fams, all our lovable pets and an on call Staff of Stylist and Artist that Love to Get Crazy and Creative:)

I grew up on a farm in a small town in the Boondocks and have had all kinds of country fun but On the flip side, I have traveled all over the world many times to exciting places that include: Paris, China, Japan, Indonesia, Italy, Germany, England, and Brazil to name a few.  I love adventures and can never get enough. I love living on the edge and pushing the envelope!

I have numerous degrees including Computer Information Science and I have been in the photo business since 1997; starting in two Studios in Cleveland Ohio.  I have had my own very successful studios In Lagrange Kentucky and am in the process now of relocating and opening two studios in two states. My choice in photography was not an easy one as I did not really choose to do it in the beginning. I feel that I did not choose photography; I feel that it has chose me. I pushed it away many times and sometimes still do but it keeps knocking at my door; I let it lead me wherever it wants to now and is always a great ride. I love this art! I do NOT love to take pictures. I love the setup, the planning, painting with light, finding inner beauty and bringing it to the surface and the excitement of discovering hidden potential in people and places that would have, otherwise, never have been noticed or appreciated.

I like things cut and dry, to the point and things that make an impact; I like to work and I like to play. I hope we get to work together and make some beautiful images that you will be very excited to use in promoting yourself, your business, to display or to transport you back into memories of your life that have long since passed or push your business to its full potential. Images have power! They can bring to life a specific time, person or event in a way that no other media can and that time will never end as long as you have the image the story will always be alive.

Please check out my Facebook page at facebook.com/TAGStudios and this site and feel free to contact me with all your photography needs. Thank you very much; I’m right here and looking forward to hearing from you.


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